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In 9*(43-10)=297 you make another Badugi but he doesn't
In 10*(43-9)=340 he makes a Badugi and you do not
The remaining 1165 cases you win with the best 3-card hand. (Check: does this make sense? (44-9)*(43-10) = 1155, close enough... there are 10 cases missing somewhere.)

[/ QUOTE ]

I could be thinking wrong about this, but I think that this ought to be:

9(44-10)=306 (44 cards in the deck - 10 cards that will give a badugi to the villain)

So you have 1892-90-306-340=1156

And then (44-10)*(43-9)=1156

I don't think this would make much difference in the overall conclussions though.
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