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Default Re: Nutty and Non-Nutty Poker Variants

Maybe there should be another distinction between games in which you can have the nuts and be assured a win (hold em, omaha, stud i guess) and games in which the nuts merely means that you cant be beaten (draw).

[/ QUOTE ]

In flop games where some of the board cards must be used, it may be possible to freeze out an opponent; for example, if you have 9s7s, and the board is 8s6s5s4s3s. But it seems in stud, or stud hi-lo for that matter, the best you can be guaranteed is a tie.

OP asks: [ QUOTE ]
If we eliminate straight flushes, do the high and high-low stud variants become allergic?

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I think the opposite may happen. If AAAAx becomes the best hand in stud, stud hi would go from allergic to nutty.
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