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Default Re: Choose Your Own Adventure Vol I: The Road to Eleria

Page 6

Shouts ring out.

“Tell her Get is dead!”

“She’s killed too!”

You spy a seasoned warrior standing above the lifeless body of GetThere1Time. One young fighter emerges from a tent with a blue banner, which you recognize as belonging to VoraciousReader. He falls to his knees and vomits. A lot.

“What could have happened here?” you ask the older man.

He meets your eyes directly. Pale and expressionless he points to the thin line of blood around Get’s throat. “Treachery.”

The band must vote. The captains are dead. Perhaps the best thing to do is to turn around and rejoin the main band. That could delay things by several weeks, though, and the desperate queen may take her juicy contract elsewhere. Maybe you can root out the murderer (murderers?) yourselves and continue on.

If you choose to turn around and rejoin the main band, turn to page 5.
If you choose stay where you are until you locate the evil-doers, turn to page 8.
If you choose to continue to Eleria and investigate on the way, turn to page 32.

<font color="red">Please send all votes to <font color="blue">GT1T</font> no later than 3 pm EST. Please include the page number you are voting for in the SUBJECT line to allow quick tallying.</font>
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