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Default Re: Choose Your Own Adventure Vol I: The Road to Eleria

<u><font color="red">ABSOLUTELY A MUST READ</font></u>

For the purposes of the story, all in-thread events are written as though the reader is a plain villager.

To avoid any angleshooting, whether intentional or accidental, we have decided against separate "paths" for villagers. Instead, the villagers make choices that accumulate points in a variety of areas. When you meet the target point total for an ability, you are awarded that ability. This means all vanillagers will have the same set of choices every evening.

The vanillager choices will be posted in the night post along with the group decision. This ensures that all players will always know what the vanillas are choosing from that night cycle.

Villagers pm their individual night actions along with their group vote. They will learn the result of their action, and any acquired ability in a private pm that will be sent to them the next morning.

Individual night decision actions should be for the purpose of developing your personal power, NOT proving your guilt/innocence or teaching others how to develop certain powers. You MAY discuss in thread any action that you took that affected another player (for example, if you earned a night kill/seer peek/vote buy and used it, you may claim that). You may NOT discuss the steps/decisions you took that impacted only yourself/your power, or decisions you made that led to that power.

<font color="red">Anyone violating this rule will be insta-killed and that will serve as the village lynch for the day. Night will fall immediately, and if the day event decision has not yet been made, it will be randomized.</font>

Anyone posting a screenshot or cut/pasting a pm will get the same consequence.

In short, we are NOT kidding. Mercenary justice is swift and brutal.
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