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Default Re: Choose Your Own Adventure Vol I: The Road to Eleria

Everyone should receive a role PM by this afternoon, barring further internet issues.

Ordinary villagers are receiving the following PM:

Subject: CYOA ROLE

Night 0:

You are an ordinary mercenary fighter (a.k.a. a villager).

You lie awake and look at the ceiling, trying to quiet your busy mind. The activity in the camp is dying down (and you recognize the familiar sound of Gan snoring from the direction of your firepit), but some are still up and about (likely feeling as restless as you are). You donít know what is ahead of you, only that it will be long and perilous. How will you spend the next few hours of wakefulness?

a. You rise from your bedroll, light a lantern, and take out your journal. Perhaps getting your thoughts down on paper will help ease your mind.

b. You hear some friends chit-chatting a few tents over. Maybe by talking to them you could learn some more about the upcoming trip or at the very least share some old war stories until you fall asleep.

c. You rise and stretch, grab the blade that is never far from your hand, leave the tent and slip out into the darkness. A little practice is never amiss.

d. You decide to remain still in bed until you can relax, using the time to rehearse battle scenarios in your mind.

Please PM your decision to GetThere1Time and myself before 6 am EST on Monday morning.
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