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Default Re: Choose Your Own Adventure Vol I: The Road to Eleria

Page 3

Suddenly, in the distance you hear a loud screeching wail...


Page 4

You and Gan finish your ale and rest by the fire until it starts to die down. Gan hoists a log and gestures toward the fire, wordlessly asking whether he should add another log. “No need, Gan, I should really get some rest. Unless you want to sit up longer yourself.”

Gan shakes his head and extinguishes the fire. He unrolls his bedroll by the ashes. The night is clear and warm and Gan prefers to sleep under the stars whenever possible-- another ideal quality in a tentmate, to your way of thinking. You wish Gan was going on this mission. There is no one else you trust to have your back the way he does. You rise, you retire to the tent and lie down. Your mind is restless, however, and you find yourself unable to sleep after all. Perhaps some activity would tire you out enough to rest. But how to occupy yourself for the rest of the evening?

Reading is a hobby of yours, and you have some interesting books with you that you picked up on a whim in Pogglesburg. Exercise or practice is never time ill-spent for a fighter. On the other hand, there is that new friend of Gan’s…Orren? Maybe it would be nice to meet him before you leave on your journey. Or there’s always your other hobby...

PMs will be going out tonight with role descriptions and night zero decisions. EVERYONE has a night zero action. Please PM your action to GT1T and VR by 1 am EST on Monday, March 26. The game thread will open 8 hours later, at 9 AM.
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