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Default Re: cbloom\'s log - Rippetoe & Frozen Shoulder

cbloom, nice on the Rippetoe. Do you not have enough flexibility in your shoulder joint to hold the bar properly?

[/ QUOTE ]

Yeah, I can't get my hand behind the bar to stabilize it. When it was separated I had my arm in an immobilizer so I didn't user it at all. When I first got it out, almost any movement was painful, but I could do things directly in front of me (like typing). The physical therapy is to stretch the shoulder capsule and increase range of motion. Now I can hold my arms straight out at my side, but can't lift it over my head very far or go back behind my back. I can just barely do a bench press and get the bar down to my chest.

I'm pretty close to being able to do a proper squat, so hopefully I'll switch to that in a few weeks and won't be held back by grip any more. People said a hack squat was really natural but I find it really tough to keep good form, I really want to arch my back and it's awkward the way the bar hits the back of your leg on the way up.
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