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Default Re: 5 CD 5/10 limit

Looks like an easy fold from the BB:

1) I think ROLLEDD's range is higher. Do you really think
he will cold call three bets with even jacks up in this

2) You don't close the action; there is a small chance that
the opener will cap it.

3) You are getting only about 5-1 (at best), so you need a
reasonable chance that you are best predraw, but I don't
think you have the best hand predraw even 5% of the time
given the action and when you do have the best hand, you
might get outdrawn as much as almost 40% of the time (the
opener might have AA).

Even if you had a hand like AA99, you should strongly
consider folding; after all, what are the likely ranges of
the opener, raiser and ROLLEDD given that you already have
two aces in your hand?

Some of the draw players misevaluate medium two pairs to
aces up in similar spots as well: e.g., in a $5-10 hand I
played awhile ago, I three-bet an EP raiser with aces-up
and saw both blinds cold call in a four-way pot, but none
of the blinds had a "legitimate" hand (MHIG).
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