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Default SSNL [cheese] thread: NOV Pt 2 (nc)

The open forum is mostly for hand posts.

Post your poker related low content, no content, off topic, non-EMO, junk, crap, misc., whines, etc. here.

Note, there's a lc thread for your emo stuff called SSNL [life].

Also, Limit yourself to starting two hand threads max per day please in SSNL.

Rules of the loc:

1. No urls.
2. No mentions of rakeback.
3. No "PM me" or "See profile"
4. No mentions of coaching or teaching.

Also, only 3 separate hand history brags a day. you can clump them all together in one post but don't spam the forum with 15 separate hand histories of winnings/losses

go go g o g o