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Default Re: December\'s \"You\'ll Shoot Your Eye Out\" NC Chat thread

In four years, something sexual has to have happened.

Dom is right on all counts. Especially on this letter making you look not hot. It comes across more as whiny and sad and accusatory. Also, it sounds like you can't make up your mind. Basically, it paints you as thoroughly non-alpha, and that is hard to get back once you lose it.

Relationships develop needs that have to be met. You can't do that well unless you're in the room, whether you're there to create and reaffirm intimacy, have sex, give someone a hug or inject a little energy and fun into their day, or just be there physically as comfort and tangible proof to your partner that she is not alone. I don't think it's healthy to expect, or to have expected, much from this "relationship."
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