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Default Re: December\'s \"You\'ll Shoot Your Eye Out\" NC Chat thread

Okay. I could re-write like this:

Hello *****

*dammit, there is no way to end it. No way to just say goodbye. I guess long-term relationships are hard to keep, no matter the conditions.

Hello *****

*nope, that don't work either.

Hello *****

I decided that I am not calling you anymore. I do not feel that I have to spell out the reasons, as I believe the feelings are mutual, or rather, I am doing all of the work and you clearly don't give a two flying [censored].

*nope, that is not good either.

It's funny. Just about all of my friendships, I feel like I do most of the work, you know.

Hello *****

I realize that my life is [censored] up, and that in many ways I am [censored] up. As a good friend, I hope that you are not worrying, and I would not expect you to feel worry for me. It is best for both of us.....

*no, the martyr is never good.

Hello *****

Hearing from you over the past few years has been a joy in my life. I always looked forward to you and your thoughts. There is no doubt in my mind that you are a special girl, and I hope that you succeed and be happy in your life. I had a hope that I would be able to witness how your life turned out, and that the attachments that may have manifested would have matured in there proper directions.

I am no longer calling or writing. I feel that it is better for both of us to simply hold our memories as they are. I understand that you are creating a new world for yourself, and I understand that I am not able to be what I should promise.

Thank you for being a wonderful person, and a bright light in what has at times been a dark world.

With love and best of wishes:
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