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Default Re: PLO8 ECOOP 2nd and 4nuts, how to play?

i check, good?

[/ QUOTE ]Hi Plzbenice - You have four options:<ul type="square">#1. check planning to fold,
#2. check planning to raise an expected bet,
#3. check planning to call and expected bet,
#4. bet directly[/list]You didn't have a great starting hand, but neither was it terrible. With this hand you wanted a flop with two or three clubs, or a flop with a deuce and a trey (or at least one of those two key cards), or a miracle flop making a full house or quads or a straight flush with your hand.

Instead you have flopped a bad low and a bad straight. In addition, you're out of position.

Even so, you might play this hand/flop in a ring game. But this is a tournament, not a ring game.

Option #1 looks very good to me.

Option #2 looks terrible because if you check raise, and if your opponent comes over the top, in order to call, you're committing too much of your stack. And since you'll be facing two more betting rounds, you could be forced all in to see the showdown. You'll end up praying to just win half the pot, and it you do win half the pot, you will have risked your entire stack to win a pittance.

Option #3 is the chase option. I don't think your hand/flop fit is good enough to chase. Moreover, if you had a better hand/flop fit, I'd go for a direct bet or a check/raise. Chasing with hand/flop fits like this is how you dribble away your chips. Poor choice, IMHO.

Option #4 would be fine at some stages of the tournament. But based on the size of your stack relative to the blind, I think it's too early.

At any rate, check/fold, option #1, is my choice here.
want to see what happens since I might have the best hand but could easily be behind in both directions.

[/ QUOTE ]What's going to happen is someone is going to bet.

And then you should fold.

once he shoves is it an easy fold?

[/ QUOTE ]No. It's harder. You should have check/folded on the second betting round.

what minor chnage in my hand would make it a clear call? A2 obv, A4dd?

[/ QUOTE ]I don't see a one-card change in your hand that would make it a clear call. I'd probably re-raise if your hand/flop was more playable in this situation. I don't see calling at all.

meh the more i think about i think this is a bad call?

[/ QUOTE ]I think so too. It would not necessarily be a bad call for a ring game, but I think it is for a tournament.

In my humble opinion, you want to look for situations where you are the one making the move, and your opponent has to cope. Instead, in this situation, your opponent is making the move and you have to cope. Not a good spot to have gotten yourself into.

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