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Default Re: The rise of the fundamentalist right in America

Your idea of how different people interpreted the truth in a different way is something I've heard before. I see a glimpse of understanding of other points of view as long as they are theistic. What about Buddhists or atheism? I guess the question means more with respect to Buddhism, I am ignorant on the subject, but Buddhism doesn't sound like a religion with a God. I can see Judaism, Islam and Christianity jumped together as similar and with different interpretations of the truth, but what about the others? Anyway, even if you consider that they are different interpretations of the truth, how is Christianity the "true" interpretation of the Truth? Why can only Western societies see it as the truth (and many of these societies see it as the truth after years of being tortured and killed to believe it).

With respect to doing good versus the relationship with God, you are correct that you are not going to convince me. I find doing good to be much more important than belief in God. I actually don't understand thinking otherwise. I don't like the phrase you quote and it doesn't seem like a good argument. It seems that the phrase tries to convince people to be humble and not boast about their actions, which is a poor reason to stop doing good.

The thing I agree with you, is not judging. I think it is a very important thing to stop conflicts. Not judging others for believing in different things.
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