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Default Re: Screen Writers Guild Strike?

If your script is good its not going to be hard to get it into
the hands of an agent/his assistant.

99% scripts suck...its just how it is. There isn't this great wealth of amazing screenplays that are being overlooked.

Pitch fests/seminars/etc aren't really worth the money except for maybe making friends contacts etc.

Query letters almost never work.

Your best bet is to maybe find people on facebook/myspace that work at CAA/ICM/Endeavor/PARADIGM/WMA/etc etc..they will mainly be assistants. But all assistants want to be CE or agents so they are looking for that new talent/spec to get them there. They won't flat out say yes but if u bs them about saying moving to la and getting a job in the biz...the nice ones will respond. Chit chat with them blah blah blah
then the next week mail them a gift for taking the time to answer all your questions. It'll cost u $25-$50 depending on what u get them...but they will seriously [censored] remember it and you. Maybe just send $20 with a note saying "thanks for taking the time to give me advice...todays lunch is on me."

Then maybe a week or two later tell them you've been working on a script and u know they are very very busy but if they would look at it and just give u an honest opinion you'll give them $50/$100 for the trouble. Remind them that your not looking for want brutal honest cold hearted truth. They may not even take the money.

And if they hate it then you know it sucks, if they think its ok maybe they'll give u a couple ideas about what your doing wrong, if its good. Its gonna end up on their bosses desk.

So make sure its good.

I once had a guy mail a script with my name on the envelope, not my bosses...he had called us and gotten my name from the receptionist. Atached to the script was a $50 bill and note saying "Your free to simply throw the script in the trash and keep the $50, but I get the feeling your a nice guy so if u have the time just take a glance at it." If you think its god awful thats fine. If you like it or you think its good then send me a email."

Normally I'd throw a random script we got in the trash or return to sender..especially if it is to my boss .

but i was like this dude is [censored] creative.

So i kept the $50 and read the script.
Wasn't good but it wasn't that bad and i emailed him telling that and I also included free coverage that I had our company do on it.

Had it been a good to really good script, that guy would have an agent right now guaranteed. So it cost him a couple a hundred bucks but he got his script into the hands of people who could actually start his career if his script was good.
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