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Default Re: Heartland poker tour - Casino Del Sol - Tucson, AZ, 11-10 to 11-18

They are run by both (the Casino and the HPT officials), and IMO, they (the HPT) put on a good tournament.

The have huge jackpots for the GPs (lowest I've ever seen was 49k for first place), and they normally have big turn outs.

I've played in 2 of them, and both were well run, though with the one here in Denver (Blackhawk really), the local casino here, they handed out 'acting out of turn' penaties like they were candy, and tried to say it was because of the HPT.

I found this was NOT the case, when I sent to Deadwood this past weekend, and the casino there didn't hand out even ONE penalty, for acting out of turn.

In any case, depending on how I do this weekend in the WSOPCE in Caesars Indiana (if I cash), I just might be there in Tucson for this.

If so, hope to see ya there! [img]/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]

Picture of me here (though not a good one, but then again, what woman thinks any picture of herself is a good one, right?):
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