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Default Advice for online poker today?

I have been a long time winner at ssnl but took a pretty extended hiatus where I played only very rarely over the past year and a half (more important personal issues got in the way, boo).

Recently I have started playing again, but find myself a lot more up and down (only a little more up than down, given how many hands I've played) than I used to be. I started playing lower stakes so I can remember how to not suck, planning on moving up again when I gain my confidence back.

Anyway, I started to wonder if maybe I just have not adjusted well to the new overall style of online poker, which has become a lot less fishy, a lot more grindy, and a lot more aggressive since the US legislation was passed.

I guess what I'm wondering is this:
a) has anyone else experienced this type of thing? (namely, not doing as well as they used to, in terms of say, BB/100, since online gambling was shot in the foot)

b) can I get some general tips on playing in today's poker climate? what might I need to do to be successful today that I did not have to do a year and a half ago?
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