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Default Re: NEW Thailand thread

newteabag. i was told you also had ghonorea recently and kept drinking on the medication. this is most likely the reason for your liver failure as the meds they give you are methylated which makes them as bad for your liver as most prohormone or steroids for those who know about the world of bodybuilding.

we have lots of people working in the medical industry in my family and i checked before. even my mom said. i could die from just 3-4drinks in 1 night if i was very unlucky. and it s totally true. even after the meds and after taking milk thistle 4 times a day to bring back my liver. everytime i would drink for the first week i would feel my liver hurtnig which never happened in my whole life.

anyways. im in the vietniam or whatever airport ni laos.
after a 1 day stay im gtfo of here.
train ride ws a wreck. 500 baht for 12hours of pain and misery. first 30mins sucked. then we see some random lady walking by with some nice friede rice hmmmm.
next time we will get some. we ll the enxt time it was beer. so we start playing drinking games cause obv. 12hours is boring.
then we get to the whiskey... still no sign of the woman with food. then boom. no whiskey no beer no food. lights are closed.. oh whatt eh hell.. were all hungry.
we fall asleep 1 hour. personally i wake up with a huge headache and starving. cookie only starving and tired. jappe just horny probably.
we manage to waste the next 7hours doing nothing. awtching parts of ikestoy<s video and tokyo drift while my battery gets empty.
great after much pani we get there. my cell phone starts working again and my gf sent me a msg, {fighting with ex bf] man my day rocks.
manage to talk to her and now she wont talk to him on the phone anymore so its good [ he keeps calling her. i checked her missed call directory, she almost never answers] so anyways. we get outside. its like -50 celcius. so [censored] cold. hungry and dried up mouths

what do we see.. nothing. just a hgue stage with nobody and a bunch of annoying tuktuks.
he brings us to a visa place for laos which isnt really open. we have to stay there for about 3-4hours since the border isnt open.
and great some major league backpaker is there. and he talks to us.
then the store next door opened at 6. food.. was.. 3 packs of chips, 6 oreo and some banana bread. for about 85cents lol.

after a long time we get to the border. im still hungover and thirsty and i hate tuktuks
we have to wait for paperwork again. then we have to get in line and wait untill the moron enters everybody<s passport nnumber, name, abnd adress by hand in his little both.. using 1 [censored] finger. so the line is huge and it doesnt move.

so whatever. we get there. its poor as hell. no building. no cute girls in the street.. NONE
no polution.. no entertainement.. just a small town with cheap food and acomodation.
the mall looks like a garage sale in my old suburb town in canada.
so then we go look for happy pizza after finding underwears.
while they do that i already stop at an agency and buy my ticket back home for 105$.. no [censored] train for me.
we cant find happy pizza so cookie and ofdabeat go back home. now the fun starts. me and jappe get to

yeppppppppp. so fun there. its about 75cents a game. the big ass laobeer is 1$ and its [censored] great. u can smoke too. but its really rigged. theres 2 spot that make the ball move to the sides. and sometiems u dont hit any ball and it says uve hit 3-4
sometiems u miss your strike by 1. then when it gets back to you theres no pins so u just shoot anywhere and get your /
.. we got drunk there. after that i just wanted to go back home.

im really not into the 'nl10 reg busto player isnt busto' places unless its in nthe forest and u get to chase monkeys and tigers

see you soon bkk
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