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Default Re: NEW Thailand thread

Yo all!

I'm just back from a funfilled week's stay in Patong hospital

[/ QUOTE ] trip report [img]/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]

[/ QUOTE ]

Acute Hepatits B.
Felt like crp for 3 weeks then turned yellow.
Went to doc who did a blood test and said WHOA BUDDY! You go hospital!

Apparently my liver was on verge of quitting.
After week of very professional care, liver levels are returning to safe (though still abnormal levels). I'tll prob take anywhee fro 2weeks to 2 monts to kick it completely including NO alcohol and minimal fats diet.

Also, fun to look like a yellow M&M for a week.

Not sure of transmission method yet (dont use needles, wear condoms etc).

Overall, not a fun catch.

Deffo reccomend a full Hepatits vaccination for all travelling to Thailand.
I had been vaxed multiple times whilst in the military but apparently it was too long ago (3.5 yrs) so deffo hook yerself up with a booster.

Variance: Watched a lot of cricket and Thai dubbed movies whilst in hospital.
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