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Default Re: Tournament Poker for Advanced Players??

I agree that the majority of the book is applicable, if perhaps not as relevant, as, say, the advice in HoH. But is it not important to 2+2 to have all of the advice be correct, as opposed to 98%? That is why I say it is the worst 2+2 book; it is the only one in which I've been able to identify outright logical mistakes.

As better example hands, he could have chosen Axs, or low pairs. AQ and TT are both easily good enough to play against a reraising LAGtard, and are both easily good enough to raise pf nearly 100% of the time.

And I still contend that his basic argument involving passing up small edges is way off for MTT's. The accumulation of small edges IS your edge in MTT's. People aren't waiting around to get their money in bad in the way his argument assumes they are. (Obviously, this analysis changes in final table scenarios, as the poster who assumed I knew nothing about ICM so graciously pointed out.)
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