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Default Re: $10k Foxwoods - Small underpair multiway hand vs Danny Wong

I think a call is good, his range looks a lot like 99-77, 55. You can't really put him on air after your c-bet into a 3 way flop and he calls OOP. He either has that small pair or T9, T8 with a pretty small chance of the random air.

[/ QUOTE ]

Uh... Bluff raise FTW?

I wrote up something for this last night but was drunk and apparently forgot to post it. I feel like this is a spot you need to decide what he's betting this thin with - a lot of times players will do this as a value-bet and fold to any raise, in which case, bluff raise FTW?

Look at it this way, say he's bluffing the required 15% or w/e for you to call. OK great but what's the other 85% of his range? Weak ass hands that he's not calling a raise with, so why take the pot 15% of the time if you can take it 100% of the time?

FTR I'm not saying you should def. bluff raise here, but if his range is as quoted above you should be.

I really don't see myself folding here so it's either call or bluff raise depending on opponent.
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