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Default Re: Issues with Parents

I'm going to give you the same advice others have Grow up, support yourself and move out. My parents supported me through college. I'm very grateful to them for this. When I graduated, I lived with my mom, while working, (my parents divorced while I was in college) for a few months, then moved out on my own, and supported myself from then on. I haven't been given, or borrowed, a dime from my parents after I was on my own. By the time I graduated, I wanted to be self-sufficient. I honestly can't understand why anybody over the age of 21 would want to continue living with and being supported by their parents.

If your current job is only providing you with 5 hours of work per week, you need to find another job, either part time, to supplement your income from the first job, or full time to replace it. No, finding a job isn't always easy. If you're on your own and you want to live like a sob, you can (within limits: trash your place badly enough and the landlord may kick you out). If your parents are willing to support you to finish college, do it. Hell, do it even if you have to work your way through. It will give you a much better chance to find a job that doesn't suck. OTOH, just about any job sucks less than being unemployed. If you don't go to college (or after you do, for that matter), keep looking for better jobs, or to get promoted in the job you have. Hint: You need to do more than the bare minimum to keep from getting fired. If you're dead-ended, look for something better. You don't want to be working at McDonald's when you're 50.

Keep in touch with your parents, even if it's only for Christmas and birthdays. As others have been said, you will probably get along a lot better when you're not living together.

You're an adult now. Start acting like one. Also, your parents don't owe you a damn thing now that you are an adult. Any help they give you now is gravy, so, even if they are a pain in the ass some times, try not to be such an ungrateful whiner.
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