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Default Re: Couple of strange hands from $5k 5diamond

Hand 1: I had to check the board 4-5 times. Agree w/ everyone else.

Hand 2: I think you should raise first time around too. You get looked up very often by ape, unless he has another flush draw. I wouldn't think he's ever bluffing on flop and the very very worst hand he might have is JT, which he will probably call with. Your hand is never bigger than AJ with this line, and even that you prob either jam or fold on flop (and probably raise first time around). Your hand looks exactly like what it is, a combo draw that's trying to max FE. You're jamming two pair/sets/straights and there are like no 7x hands in your range. Raise first time around > Raise 2nd time around > call flop, jam turn.
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