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Default Re: Another Stupid Peace Initiative for Israel/Arabs

The Arab leaders have always wanted peace with Israel. And that would be because, let's see... OH YES, because they've been defeated every single time they had a war with Israel. Yep, that should be it. (Unless the Arab leaders are collectively of a lower IQ than everybody else on the planet. Run with it.)

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So your arguament is that Arab states have always wanted peace with Israel because they have always been defeated when they try to destroy Israel? Not sure you have thought this through.

The arab states have always wanted to destroy Israel. How is that even in doubt? After they lost the 2 major wars, yes, they realised that they couldnt get the job done in a purely military campaign. That certainly did not mean they wanted peace with Israel and their actions and words have been entirely consistent with this. If you seriously believe that the arab states want nothing more than peace with Israel you must be either delusional or ignorant.

Jordan does have a peace agreement and relations are ok, however they are the exception. Egypt has a peace treaty too, but this only ensures that the two countries do not get into another full scale war again (which helps Egypt more than Israel). Egypt still publishes horriffic anti-semitism in its official press and continues to allow the smuggling of men, arms and explosives to Hamas via their border. They are basically protected from Israeli reaction, but are happy to support (morally and in practice) Israels enemies. Egypt made the deal to recover lost territory and Israel got "recognition" in return - big deal. Its a very, very cold peace (something I would, of course, take over a state of war) but Egypts recognition of Israel is basically meaningless.

Unless the Arab leaders are collectively of a lower IQ than everybody else on the planet. Run with it

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This is nonesense. There are many very complex reasons as to why the arab states dont want or need peace with Israel. They know Israel will not invade their countries and are able to support Israels enemies in their attacks on Israel without having to use their own armies. It is simply a change in strategy born of the realisation that they wouldnt win in conventional warfare against Israel. Many of the regimes that are in charge in the arab world need a perpetual state of war with Israel for their own domestic political needs.
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