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Default Re: ***yankees official offseason thread*****

1. The Yankees are going to re-sign Posada.

2. Pettitte's unneccessary next year - I'd like to see him back, but the Yankees' rotation will be much different next season.

3. Giambi sucks. I'll be curious what PECOTA projects for him next season but he cannot get in this lineup with that SLG next year. Trade/waive/whatever - he's useless now. Isn't next year his last year on this contract?

4. Melky Cabrera's pretty good. The Yankees aren't signing a center fielder IMO.

5. If they are going to trade for Santana, they should do it in the off-season. They honestly don't need Santana but if they can get him without giving up Hughes or Chamberlain (unlikely), they should - if he's signed longterm first of course.
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