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Default Re: ***yankees official offseason thread*****

1.) I can understand the argument that Posada probably had a career year and will decline soon, but who out there is better? I think you almost have to sign him to a 3-4 year contract and just hope for the best.

2.) Rivera has already said that he will test the FA market, but I figure he'll be back. Pettitte may want to retire if Torre isn't there, but at the end of the day, I think he'll come back with that $16 million option.

3.) This will probably happen.

4.) Torre Hunter and Andruw Jones are both FA's. As a Braves fan, allow me to suggest that you not overpay for Andruw. He's in a serious decline and Boras claims to want 7 years, $140 million for him. Even if he goes for something like 6 years, $80 million, that contract is going to look very bad in a few years.

5.) I have to think you'd have to give up AT LEAST either Hughes or Joba for Santana. Would the Yankees be willing to do that?
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