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Default Re: December\'s \"You\'ll Shoot Your Eye Out\" NC Chat thread

Okay. I met this girl like four years ago. We have only had e-mail contact except for one face-to-face meeting since she is from a different country.

Now, she lives in America. It was weird because with going to jail, and other goings-on (I busted about three times), this year probably had more drama in it than it should have. So, to her, I may seem a little "down," which isn't too far off, really.

While on the phone, all she ever does is ask "how are you, how are you, how are you...." I admit that I don't really remember her personality, but this is not a person that I normally would want to talk to. I attempt to keep things low content and fun. I don't like to lay my problems on people, but if they keep asking how things are, they will get an honest answer.

She seems evasive on the phone, in e-mail land, and this bothers the living [censored] out of me. I am glad to hear that things are happening for her, but it takes a crow-bar to get any information out of her. For example, she is/was working on an independent film, and it took the second phone conversation, and me suggesting that she works on a film before she told me about it.

So, there is a change, and a drifting away, I think, but I am not sure.

I have called four times in the past three months. The last time I called her, I told her I only had 20 minutes on this phone card (I don't have a cell-phone plan right now), and that was all I could talk. Her answer: "That's not a bad thing." That gave me pause. I asked what that was supposed to mean, and she says she hates talking on the phone.

I sent her an e-mail, asking how was her Thanksgiving. No response.

So, I call today, and I not too pleased to call, really, but I keep things light. When she answers, she says "Oh, Dave," as if I just told her that her grandma died. I ask her what's up with that attitude, and she says she is sick. I offer to let her go to rest up, and she insists that we keep on talking. So, it is all good, right, then ten minutes into the conversation (one sided again), and she tells me she has to go because a friend is visiting.

Other Cliffs Notes:

1- She wants to live in Los Angeles, and I am the only person she knows out here. 1+1=2

2- She is probably like me, with a short [censored] limit. I am wondering if I have somehow slighted her?

3- It's been two years since we talked. I have a feeling she wants to talk about "something" but I can't put my finger on it.

4- She's a girl, and this would be standard: "something that escalated into no-man's land and you don't know what's going on?" (sorry, Katy)

5- She says she will talk to me again soon. I doubt this is the form, or the response she was thinking of.

[/ QUOTE ]

Okay, now I get it.

Dave, there is no relationship here. At all. Simply let her know that if and when she moves to L.A. you'd love to show her around. Then stop calling her. The ball's in her court.
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