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Default Re: Two interesting hands from today\'s $2500 @ Bellagio

lol i play so well. Idk what got into me that day but def was playing like my C- game, that being said i wasnt ever really stealing the blinds, i got KQs, 88, 77 etc soooo many times that level, im actually generally a TAG, but def was playing poorly that tournament lol.

hand 2 i wouldnt have made the goofy raise if i knew you were an online guy, i wanted to make it seem like QQ+, but in reality im never jamming worse than 10s there.

the hand i played vs you with 44 when my implied odds vs your stack were like 7.5-1 was so bad and set hunting was like the worst possible solution and 4bet jamming was slightly better still largely -ev.

gl tommorow in the 5k clayton
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