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Default Re: Degen/WallyBalls/blueman


so are all these threats and brags by him bs? like, he can't actually accomplish anything with these websites?

[/ QUOTE ]

It is extremely unlikely his sites would ever perform well in Google if the content is just scraped off 2+2. Google gives the first site it finds a story or post on original credit for that content. Anyone else is a copycat. It weighs the amount of original content with the copycat stuff to decide how original your site.

For example when I owned RRR I bought my news from Infopowa which is the same service Casinomeister uses. I would rarely show in searches for that content because other sites would almost always get the content up before I would. Since the rest of my site was original I wasn't considered a site scraper. If my site was nothing but those news articles Google would have blacklisted my site or at the very least sandboxed me.

When I owned RRR a PR 5 site copied my FAQ page word for word. I reported them to Google and after a few days their site vanished from Google and stayed gone for about 3 months.

Degen's ripping off 2+2 will not help him get in Google at all, especially if that is all his site has to offer.

BTW is an email Degen used on one of his banned accounts. A red probably needs to let Chuck know there is advertising from Degen on the site.
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