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Default Re: Legal Advice Alabama

At some point I hope the PPA will have a litigation team and/or a referral service so you will, if you are a member, have quick access to competent legal advice. If you are a PPA member e-mail them your support of this idea.

As to Alabama law, you can look up the general provisions here:

My quick read, which is all you get since you are not paying me [img]/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img], is that your friend's idea has some potential, as a "social game in a private place" is a defense to a gambling charge. The details of your friend's idea, however, will make all the difference, if he is profiting from hosting the game other than as a player, he has issues. Likewise, if his place is "public" he has real issues .... Keep searching for a good local lawyer to work with, he will need one sooner or later. Good lawyers are hard to find, but they do exist - try and find one who actually plays poker.

And asking the government's advice in this situation is a waste of time - you have to develop your strategy to get around and/or comply with the law on your own, they will never help you do it.

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