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Default Re: Legal Advice Alabama

That's funny.
I've already contacted several people in the Attorney Generals office and have been given the legal run arounds as I expected.

Funny the only attorney who is willing to reply is giving the usual twoplustwo advice---which translates as followed....blah blah blah I'm a smartass blah blah total d-bag blah comment that doesn't help blah blah!

Well thanks for your time.
I really hope you haven't spent the last two yrs and 2300+ posts being a complete d-bag!
Actually I'm really starting to think that probably it's just one or two 16 yr old kids with ten thousand accounts registered here.

[/ QUOTE ]

i'm not a d-bag, but i play one on this site, and i agree, that was not a helpful response, that was a d-bag doing what he does best. but what can you expect from an attorney turned d-bag???
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