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Default Re: Bodog Security Problems--Possible cause?

UPDATE: It looks like all of this started when I signed up at True Poker on Feb 12th. After signing up and playing for a couple of hours, I got an email from them stating that they could not verify my identity and until I sent over some sort of photo ID my account would be disabled. I sent over an attachment of my driver's license on 12th and havent had a problem since.

The following day is when I had first had the problems at Bodog. I also couldnt log onto UB and I couldnt access the cashier at Absolute but could play there. UB cleared up the problem within 12 hours but Absolute took three days to get my cashier access up and running after claiming that there was nothing blocking my cashier access.

After talking to many different people at Bodog today, I finally spoke to someone who appears to be competent. His name is Corey and I told him that I wanted to know exactly when the person who was involved in fraudlent activity accessed his Bodog account on my computer.

After being on hold for ten minutes and researching his login information, Corey came back and said he could not fine one time where this person logged into his account from my computer yet our accounts were linked by device (i.e. my computer). Also, my current blockage from the poker room is being caused by a red flag at another poker room. He stated that there is some sort of security company that some of the poker rooms use and that they share information between them. My current blockage has to be the True Poker incident again and/or just gross incompetence on the part of the third party security company.

Basically, everyone I spoke to at Bodog today, with the expection of Corey, wasnt competent. He said he would forward his findings to his department manager, Carson. Of course, Carson was leaving for vacation after today and it could be until he gets back (March 7th), that my problem is solved.

Despite Bodog's easy access to customer service, they have really dropped the ball on this one. If and when, my poker room access is restored I will need some sort of incentive to keep playing there.
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