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Default Re: THREE, yes THREE ACES!!, but barf 2/4NLCASH

Nah agilitybob is a bit a of character to play at times..he's pretty well known for being one.

I've never really been any good at the numbers game but I don't get what you say when you mean our equity against other sets and 2prs is 30%, that makes no sense to me....our equity is 100% against all 2prs and like +%95 against other no its not a clear fold without weighting the range towards flushes and straights as you put it.

Maybe i'm reading it wrong but thats not making a whole lot of sense to me. As far as preflop goes, i've played agilitybob before and he's limped aces and kings otb preflop against me so its not totally impossible for him to have a set of jacks or tens.

I'll be the first to admit I know nothing about pokerstove and working out what % of the time a call is good so maybe you could help me out here by explaining what you meant.

Personally I dont like to make things more complicated than they are. You have top set in a raised pot with 1 straight possibility and the spade falling on the river making the flush possible, you're up against a calling station hu, I dont see folding ever being an option unless you b/folding on the river, and even then its a tough fold getting the odds you getting to make the call. Longterm I think you lose more making these great laydowns with hands as strong as top set than you save the times you right.
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