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Default Re: THREE, yes THREE ACES!!, but barf 2/4NLCASH

No, thats about it...we have a set hu against a station omg.

So many hands he could be 'value betting' here besides the flush or KQ. A lower set (yes he will limp 1010 JJ otb button)
10J, other 2pr's with the case ace, air.

[/ QUOTE ]

so in conclusion there is alot you know about villain that i dont :P everything you typed goes contrary to assumptions id make about unknown except for calling station.

and when you say there are "so many" other hands he could be value betting, you realise that our equity vs any set, any aces up, JT, any straight or any flush (giving him the range you suggested, excluding air) is only 30%, making it an clear fold for us. and this is without weighting the range at all, when clearly it should be somewhat weighted towards straights and flushes (especially flushes).

so yes, if his range really does contain all the hands you suggested, and it is non weighted, and he is capable of taking that line with air often enough, then it is a call (though a pretty thin one taking that all for granted).

*edit* though to be fair if we are weighting the range, we would have to weight preflop aswell, and i have no idea how it would be weighted with this villain, as i would have weighted it well away from TT and JJ, and you have made it clear that is a mistake*
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