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Default Re: THREE, yes THREE ACES!!, but barf 2/4NLCASH

One of the biggest problems with this hand is pre-flop. If you make it 5, or even 4BB raise it will allow you to pot MUCH larger on later streets.

$20 preflop makes for a $40 pot on the flop, c-bet $35ish, maybe higher, $110 on the turn, pot it and he has most of his stack committed making river much easier to play.

As played I really can't see him without a flush here, although in practice I'm calling here just about always. His non-flush range includes air and some really weird two pairs imo.

Let's even assume he has an OESFD (8s9s) we gave him improper odds on the turn to draw, and his river bet doesn't quite complete the implied odds necessary for the turn call (it may be close but I'm too lazy to do the actual math)... combined with the fact that you have the best hand here sometimes, I think a call is pretty good.
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