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Default Re: ***SSNL LIFE THREAD [DEC}***

Now that it's out there - basically, she's a huge tease. It's not even like I'm only in this for sex, but we're lying in bed and she doesn't really seem to be into messing around or whatever, so we're falling asleep and she randomly says "I'm wearing some amazing underwear right now." Obv this gets me going a little bit and we start messing around, and then 5 mins later while lying on top of me she says "sorry, I need to go to sleep" and rolls off of me. So no, I don't particularly want to spend $40 on gas and 4-5 hours on the road so you can [censored] with my head and make me fight for affection.

[/ QUOTE ]
Sorry to hear that, goof. Didn't mean to be an ass with my previous post, I'm always rooting for you, and I know some chicks can be unimaginably hard to deal with. Have you talked to her about this? Not that I think you should be pushy, but it sounds like you have the right to ask why she behaves in this way. As Keyser said, there might be some wierd reason for this. I think it's worth asking her, if you haven't already. If you don't want to talk about it here, I understand. AIM is "stonesears" if you ever wanna chat it up. GL
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