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Default Re: PDT 1/2 : Best place to panhandle

Centaurmyth that's a pretty cool observation.

In direct reference to this thread though, I think the top ones would have to be: Busy Street Corner, Starbuck's, Shopping District.

As other's have mentioned, Starbuck's is hurt by getting run-off etc; Shopping District hurt by everyone and their grandmother's using credit cards now, etc.

I think that out of El D's possible locations, busy intersection wins, assuming there is some light lasting a medium to long length, and I also think that a lower-middle to middle-class neighborhood is the best possible location for this, because the people are more understanding, and will likely "donate" more, as well as a lower chance they'd call the cops, etc.

In general though, I think Subway is probably the best as other's have mentioned.
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