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Default Re: PDT 2/2 : Why has tipping increased?

If we look at the following factors:

Restaurant sales

[/ QUOTE ]

What I'd be interested in is the percentage of expensive restaurants compared to 20 years ago. I'm 34 so I don't know if it is because I'm getting older and thus am exposed to pricer establishments more often or if they are simply more common.

I think bottle service is a good example. Until 6-7 years ago I had never heard of bottle service. Until 2-3 years ago it was something that was only offered in major cities. Now it seems like any half decent club is pawning off $40 bottles of vodka for $250-350.

If people are spending more then it means they will probably be inclined to tip more as well. Eventually the higher tip percentage starts to spread from the more expensive establishments to the rest.


The increased use of credit might also have been a factor. I hate credit but I believe it is probably easier to over tip with credit than cash.


Frequency of going out has increased over the last few decades. I go out a lot so I tip much better than average. While I wouldn't say I'm friends with the staff you do get a relationship of some kind with them if you see them a few times a month.
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