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Default Re: Bad flop for AA, just fold?

i left out jj/tt but check this out: for folding his range would have to look like this (note, this is neutral ev)

Board: Jd Kh Th

equity win tie pots won pots tied
Hand 0: 37.915% 33.83% 04.08% 8373 1011.00 { AhAs }
Hand 1: 62.085% 58.00% 04.08% 14355 1011.00 { JJ-TT, AQs+, KJs-KTs, AQo+

folding seems very bad imo. also note that vs all two pair hands you have 6 outs.

of the hands i had in the first stove I'm pretty sure he's not folding any of them to a shove
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