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Default Re: PDT 1/2 : Best place to panhandle

1: In front of Starbucks/coffee shop
2: In front of bar
3: In front of restaurant
4: On street in business/financial district
5: On street in shopping district
6: On random neighborhood street
7: At busy corner/intersection

[/ QUOTE ]

While coming back from work today a homeless retired vet was asking for money at the stop light. The stop light always takes 2~3 minutes to change to green so he obviously was smart enough to camp there (it was an exit off of a freeway. For those in LA: Exiting on Santa Monica 2 going North on 405) and he would just knock on every single car. I think he got some change from couple of cars the duration the car was stopped for.

Would subway/bus stations be counted as a busy corner/intersection? That was my first thought before I even opened the window. I also thought about Starbucks but realized I just toss the change into the tip jar, especially if the barista is cute.

I cannot see a panhandler in front of NYSE or any of the financial buildings in NY or any big cities like LA, SF, etc. Being in front of a bar is not that great of an idea either, I remember seeing people kicking the panhandlers in Asia and wouldn't be too surprised to see the same thing happens here.

Shopping district, which should include a movie theatre and a lot of place for dates, is a decent place but I never see them around probably due to the security guards.

Busy corner/intersection (subways) > Shopping district > Random Neighborhood > Restaurants/Starbucks > Biz/Financial District > Bar
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