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Default Re: How to build credit

1) I probably would wear a clown suit for $10k, because who cares what other people think? Oh wait, you do. Immensely, apparently. I'd laugh it off and think "why is this idiot paying me $10k to wear a clown suit? oh well, i'll ponder it while im on a month long vacation with my girlfriend or investing it/paying off school debt. Nice that you and your friends go around judging each other for making money. And all this from someone who plays poker for a living? You spend your days grinding away, winning money off poor fools that don't know any better, probably lots of people with gambling problems blowing the rent check on poker. Interesing how that is fine, but working within the framework established by credit card companies to make a profit is sketchy and comparative to wearing a clown suit?

2)This isn't wearing a clown suit. It is filling out a couple forms and making some calls. Something that could be done while playing poker.

3)You keep talking about $16/day as if this is some full time occupation that involves daily work for slave wages. There is some work on the front end, but the profit comes from investing the money as you would any other funds you already have, so there is no additional work there.

4) If you don't care about $16/day, would you please ship that amount to me daily? If I had $6k to invest right now, I'd have over $100k at retirement. Sounds like a decent deal for me.

Why am I even bothering to argue with you when it is clear that you are an insecure elitist snob?

[/ QUOTE ]

I got all tingly and happy when I saw this. GG.
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