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Default Re: Dating a poker pro- From the perspective of a non-playing girlfrie

I don't know most of these young poker players so I can't judge them but I would generally agree that you are probably right.

I have done very well investing but in the end I still found it to be too much work. Which is actually a very dangerous aspect of gambling for a living. Everything else starts to feel like too much work. I read the people who post in BFI and how they put the effort into maximizing their income and I feel out of place.

[/ QUOTE ]

Yes Henry, you succeed at everything in life, your only quest is to achieve maximum financial gain with minimal effort, lest you waste your precious brainpower. I remember someone once sarcastically saying "Henry is smarter than you, plays poker better, and [censored] hotter chicks." Seriously, I've never seen you make a single post that didn't drip with arrogance and self-love.
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