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Default Re: Comps at the Wynn (and/or Vegas in general)

I made my first trip to the Wynn over the Thanksgiving holiday. I asked the floor several comp related questions, so my info ought to be pretty up to date.

I got a red card immediately at the window next to the cashier at the back of the room.
They told me that once I booked 20 hours of time I would be comped.

During play, lots of regulars ordered sandwiches at the table and a few told me that they always did so and never worried about balances. They assumed that you had free meals at the table.
I asked again at the front desk and was told that I had 18 hours at that moment, and that when I hit 20 I should come back to the desk and have them "register" the comp.

I suspect that as a new player, you have to do 20 hours there to qualify for comping priveleges.
Having crossed that barrier, they get very liberal with the comps. At least I hope so for when I return. I did go down to the coffee bar around the corner and got a ten dollar sandwich, a six dollar bag of chips and a four dollar coke....

I didn't try to order at the poker table before I finished the 20 hours. You might try it to see if that will work.

Next time I will definately do the tableside ordering.

Wynn is a really nice room. Personnel are friendly and efficient. Have a good time!
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