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Default Re: How to build credit


You can double your yearly income if you pick up 10 dimes a minute. Why don't you go do that? Why are you posting on a forum? You certainly aren't making any money by posting on 2p2 and picking up 10 dimes a minute would have more utility.

[/ QUOTE ]

I don't think you understand my position. My point is that once you hit a certain income level you should avoid doing embarrassing stuff for money. Picking up change would certainly fall into the categories of acts I find embarrassing.

My issue with this was that I assumed someone could at most qualify for 120-150% of their yearly income in credit. Based on some of the posts it seems that this assumption is not true. If someone making $60k can get himself $200k in credit and wants to do this then by all means go ahead and do it. I just find it hard to believe that someone who makes that could qualify for that much credit. My assumption was that we were talking about someone who was making $150k+. I thought I made this clear before but obviously I didn't.

STFU with your $16/day spiel. That would be a great line to use if doing an app-o-rama took 12-24hours/day to complete. It only takes 2 hours max a month and even less time as months go by. Not to mention, cutting $16/day would have a much bigger negative impact than just "working" for 8 hours to make $12,000 and carrying that non-existent stigma.

[/ QUOTE ]

Again since my assumption was that we are talking about someone who was making a lot of money cutting $16/day is actually not hard.

Also just stating that there is no stigma doesn't actually make it so. That this thread exists actually proves that a stigma does exist. People are getting angry and resorting to ad hominem attacks because they feel like I am judging them. If there was nothing to be embarrassed about no one would be getting upset.

Also it can't be a coincidence that of the four people I discussed this with all felt pretty much the same as I do.
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