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Default Re: How to build credit

Is this thread ever gonna die??

FWIW, I work in the credit industry as a career. I agree, somewhat, with Henry & Thremp on this. There's too much risk for too little gain. If you are 21 years old who lives in your parent's basement & all you do is sit around on the computer all day playing cards & "apporama-ing"...then I guess you have time for all of this. But the rest of us have jobs, families, & a life of some it's not feasible for us to try this.

If you can make a little cash off this, then go for it. But beware! You miss a deadline, a payment, a transfer, etc & as I stated'll come down around you like a house of cards. The temptation of so much easy credit & free money for the taking is too great for the average joe consumer to resist spending himself into a hole he will never dig out of. I see it all the time. IMO, this is a very bad idea.

It almost reminds me of a ponzi scheme.
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