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Default Re: *** Official 2007-08 Golden State Warriors Thread ***

Jesus man..


I think Monta will be better than Michael Redd, though obviously a different type of player and probably a worse rebounder. (And 6'3 instead of 6'6)

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All I can say is prepared to be disappointed. I was actually thinking it'd be awesome if Martin reaches Redd's level (who is currently peaking). I'll poop my pants if Monta ever has that kind of impact.

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Eh, I think I have a lower opinion on Redd than you do. He's a great shooter with range, and a great ft shooter, but not all that great on the boards or on D. Martin is already at his level and Monta will be. They may not be scoring 26/game, but Martin certainly would be given 19 shots/game, and Monta will get there, and will do more on D and create more for his teammates.
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