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Default Re: Dating a poker pro- From the perspective of a non-playing girlfrie

Golfnutt: who are you trying to convince that pursuing poker as a profession in your 20's is a bad idea? The people making $100k+, putting away investment $ on the side and getting degrees, or yourself?

On top of the monetary benefit (making 2x+ any entry level position out of college), there's the beauty of working your own hours wherever you want (bed, sofa, beach) however you want (pajamas, petting your cat, lying upside down). It's flexible enough to work into university / grad school, building future EV while you pwn donks. It even invites you to travel to great places.

Also, you're working under the assumption that online poker player is not a sustainable profession 5-10 years from now. While certainly possible, I don't think it's very likely. Most people play for leisure or to feed an irrational, addictive habit. This population should always outnumber people pouring hundreds of hours into strategy discussion and logging PT stats like 2+2ers. We'll see.

There's no reason why poker players don't have health insurance or fund retirement plans. I'm still in school and already planning retirement fund allocation (though I'm far from balla income like Henry.. I'm probably a nittier spender though), which is more than most of my peers can say.


OP: Do you grind solely donkaments?
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