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Default Re: Comps at the Wynn (and/or Vegas in general)


Thanks a lot for this thread as I"m sure many others are also curious about the Wynn. I respect you a great deal. You can use your room key or you can get a separate card from the poker room(just ask any floor). As for getting extra comps, thats usually reserved for regulars who have developed some rapport with a floor person there. If its important to you, then I guess tip one guy the first time you're there, say hi to him(same guy) as you come the second time, then when you leave the second time tip him again and ask for a comp.

But I really don't think thats worth it, as you're barely even making money then. You're spending $330/night on a hotel- just spend an extra $20 or whatever it is for the buffet yourself. However, if you play any casino games then you should have no problem getting much bigger comps.

May I wish you the best of luck both in the weeks leading up to your trip and on your trip.

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