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Default Re: Flopping Full House question


you will be flipping even if you´re ahead at this point

[/ QUOTE ]
pokenum -o 5s 5d js th - 7c 9d qs kh -- 7s 7d 5h
Omaha Hi: 820 enumerated boards containing 7s 7d 5h
cards win %win lose %lose tie %tie EV
Js 5s 5d Th 474 57.80 346 42.20 0 0.00 0.578
Qs 7c 9d Kh 346 42.20 474 57.80 0 0.00 0.422

58:42 is not exactly flipping, and this is the worst case scenario (when you are ahead) with 9 live outs. often he has a pair in his hand and/or you are blocking some of the outs. and sometimes players get frisky with overpairs, flush draws and wraps etc. even at paired boards.
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