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Default Re: Review, Advanced Limit Holdem Strategy (Tanenbaum)

one example he gave is to three bet from the cutoff with Q9s against a tight, losing frustrated player who had raised from his right.

[/ QUOTE ]

This seems to be an example of trying to have it both ways. If the player is tight, then three betting with Q9s is clearly wrong. If it's a knowledegeable player who knows to loosen up on his first in raises from late position, then this play becomes borderline. If it is someone who is frustrated, then he may clearly be playing too many hands and this reraise becomes clearly correct.

Barry hit a 9 on fourth street and won a pot and showing the hand got other players to view him as foolish and lucky.

[/ QUOTE ]

This looks a little results oriented to me. Also, the majority of the time you three bet with a hand like this you don't make anything and you do want your opponent to fold. So showing your hand to convince your opponents that you're lucky and foolish is just bad advice to me especially since you will now be teaching your opponents to correctly call you down with hands that you would prefer them to fold.

He points out that isolating a predictable player in position will allow him to win that pot almost all the time but creates the illusion of action for players who don't understand how sophisticated the play really is.

[/ QUOTE ]

First off, we wrote this play up almost 20 years ago with the original release of HPFAP. Second, notice that the play really didn't work so well since his opponent did not fold on the flop and that he had to catch a nine on the turn to win it. Notice that this contradicts "He points out that isolating a predictable player in position will allow him to win that pot almost all the time."

He also talks about making other "situational" raises like raising with JT suited once 4 or more players are in or raising with a small pair once 5 or more players are in to tie those players to the pot with overcards when you hit your sets.

[/ QUOTE ]

Again, these plays were first written up almost 20 years ago when HPFAP was first released.

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