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Default Re: SLOTBOOM WORKS...?

Delete this thread. Ugh.

[/ QUOTE ]I hear you. If it means anything, I'm tired of questions and opinions about Slotboom's short stack strategy and tactics too.

But it's a fact of life that you'll face it, and you'll need to be able to cope, and people will continue to struggle with this and have questions about it.

And you may even find it useful sometimes yourself.

In about a week, I fully expect a new software system for all the 2+2 forums. (See the sticky at the top of the listing for this forum). I'm not sure what that will mean in terms of what we can and cannot do - and so I'm delaying in getting some good FAQs covered - but I haven't forgotten about it.

Maybe that will make things better or easier, and I always can move posts about books or authors to the books and publications forum. And keep in mind that I'm not a computer guru and am still learning how to deal with various aspects of threads and posts on 2+2 forums in general and this forum in particular.

At any rate, I am pretty much at least scanning all the threads and posts in this forum, and spending some time studying some of them. In my humble opinion, this particular thread has some good, interesting stuff on it, so that, at least for now, I'm not deleting it or moving it.

But I do hear you.

Omaha forum moderator

[/ QUOTE ]

Come on, do you really think we need to discuss an OP that includes this:

anyone else made any experiences??

played tables from $0.25 to $2!! the best results cam from the $2 tables!

[/ QUOTE ]

Lock and delete plz.
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